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Full Professor since 1981, Maurizio Tosi has occupied the chair of Prehistory and Protohistory of Asia at the Istituto Universitario Orientale of Naples till 1994 when he has been called to the chair of palaethnology at University of Bologna, Faculty of Conservation of Cultural Goods. His main field of study has been the formative processes of complex societies mainly across the Middle East and Central Asia together with the development of the methods for the definition of this process from the archaeological record.

Beginning from 1967 he has directed field projects for the Istituto Italiano per l'Africa e l'Oriente (IsIAO) in collaboration with different European and American agencies in Iran, Oman, Yemen, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and the Asian parts of the Russian Federation.

From 1985 to the present, he is co-director of an International research program aimed to study the beginnings of navigation and long-distance trade in the Indian Ocean.

Chiefly a student of palaeoeconomics and social structure of early societies, M.T. has directed since 1985 most of his efforts to the study of the relations between population resources in the systematic reconstruction of past landscapes. 


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