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Francesca Triggiani achieved a BA Degree in Cultural Heritage at the Univeristy of Bologna in 2013, with a dissertation named "Geophysics surveys at S. Pietro in sylvis' church in Bagnacavallo". She took part in several archaeological excavation fields in Italy: in the medieval sites of S. Severus Monastery, in Classe (Ravenna), and in the castrum of Rontana, near Brisighella (Ravenna), under the scientific direction of  Prof. A. Augenti and Prof. E. Cirelli. She also participated to the Italo-Iranian archaeological mission directed by Prof. P. Callieri in the sites of Firuzi 5 and Tol-e Ajori, near Persepolis. However her interests are oriented to the techniques applied for evaluating archaeological value in preventive and predictive archaeology in reference to the Late Roman-Middle Ages in Italian territory.

Actually she is working as volunteer of the Servizio Civile Nazionale Italiano in the context of an University Project. In particular she is collaborating, under the supervision of Prof. Maurizio Tosi and Dott. Tommaso Saccone, for the creation of the archive about the archaeological documentation acquired by the Italian Mission in '70s-'80s excavations in Iran.